10 Facts about Life at a Hostel

10 Facts about Life at a Hostel

1. There is nothing called Private Property!

“Hey man, can I borrow your underwear?”

“Yaar mera Viva hai kal, tera formal shirt de na!”


2. Your problem is Everybody’s problem

That awesome moment when a 1000 people show up when you make a single distress call.

Your buddies are always there by your side.

3. Get up early or Get in line for using the Bathroom

10 latrines for 1000 boarders, It’s a fight for who gets to go first. For when nature calls, YOU ANSWER !

4. It’s not just an Exam, its WAR !

Soldiers report to the Head Quarters aka Common Room, to get the Mission briefing. Usually from the smartest guy in class. Who shouts out instructions to the cadre!


Be it a farewell party, someone getting a job, passing an exam or someone getting a girlfriend. We party till the sun comes up! Music pumpin’, Beer flowin’ like water. The morning after it’s a mangled mess of bodies, clothes, bottles spewed everywhere……… NO REGRETS ! We want more!

6. If you can survive in a hostel, you can survive anywhere on earth

From Day 1, you learn to adjust to anything and everything. Snoring roommates, Smelly feet, clogged toilets, people’s farts, cigarette and ganja smoke, you name it. If you’re a delicate darling, the hostel is not the place for you!

7. Your secrets are safe with us, well almost!

So you have a crush on this really cute girl from English department, you tell your roommate about it. He tells the guy in the next room and soon the whole hostel knows about it. Some much for keeping your secrets.

8. Once you lose something its gone forever

Arjun : “Yaar mera calculator tere pass hai?”

Karan : “Nai wo to Shukla k pass tha”

Shukla: “Maine to Dinesh ko diya”

Dinesh: “Mujhe nai pata! Tu Karan ko puch”

9. The warden can be your Best friend or your Worst Enemy

From letting you carry booze inside for a small bribe, to calling the Principal at the drop of a hat. The Warden can be an Angel or a Devil, always try be in his good books.

10. No matter how comfortable you are now, you’ll always miss your Hostel days


Wo raatein bhi kya raatein thii 🙁

The struggles, the late nights, the parties, the fights…. The memories will live on forever.